Guitars, ice


    The electric guitar is one of the most iconic objects of the Western world, and has come to dominate much of contemporary music, capable of alternating between lilting sweetness, biting Grunge and rhythmic licks at the flick of a switch. Released to market in 1950 and 1952 respectively, the Fender Stratocaster ®/Telecaster ® and the Gibson Les Paul ®, represent essentially the two dominant flavours and philosophies of guitar design and sound, with many variants, pickups, finishes and imitators over the decades. Instruments of revolution, protest, commerce and frequently complete garbage, the electric with Humbucker, P90 or Fender noiseless pickup is the sound of the last seven decades. Be it Marr, Clapton, Richards, Blackmore, van Halen, Young, Hackett, Sumner, Page, Smith, Gilmour, or any other player, this is the democratiser; an instrument that is loud, vibrant, cheap to purchase and accessible to most. The electric has changed the world, or at least, a part of it. It can also make you very rich. EADGBE/EADG.