Nucleocytoplasmic transport ‘19

Sunday 25th to Friday 30th August 2019, Peebles Hydro, Scotland

Scotland is home to golf, whisky, liberal philosophy (Carnegie, Ferguson, Reynolds, Smith), great writers (Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, Ian Rankin), William Wallace, Nessie, Dolly the sheep and the deep-fried Mars bar. It is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and popular tourist destinations and boasts some of Europe’s finest restaurants. 
We are honoured to welcome the nuclear transport community in 2019 and have selected the Peebles Hydro (a spa hotel) as our venue. The meeting will run from Sunday evening with the banquet Thursday evening and departures Friday morning.  We are planning an optional excursion to the Edinburgh Festival Monday night in addition to the traditional one afternoon excursion for which we will visit both the nearby Walter Scott Abbotsford House and the Glenkinchie distillery. Peebles, in the heart of the Scottish Borders, is within easy reach from both Edinburgh and Glasgow airports and Edinburgh Waverley rail station. We encourage attendees to take the opportunity to arrive early and fully enjoy the Edinburgh International and Fringe Festivals, the largest arts and theatre festivals on the planet with over 100 000 performances in the city of Edinburgh in August.
The aim of the meeting will be to discuss molecular and structural principles of nuclear pore organisation, together with new experimental approaches, mechanisms, and models for nuclear transport. We hope to bring together scientists interested in diverse areas of nuclear pore, transport, lamina, organisation and evolution research to stimulate communication and efficient exchange of experimental results, methodology, concepts, and hypotheses.
Talks, discussion in the following areas:

Nucleoporins and nuclear pore complexes: structure, evolution, and reconstitution

Nuclear import/export pathways and their regulation

Modeling nuclear transport

The interplay between nuclear mRNP assembly, mRNA surveillance, and export

Nuclear envelope dynamics, organisation and activity

Cytoplasmic and extranuclear roles of nucleoporins, karyopherins, and associated molecules

Functions and regulation of the Ran cycle in interphase and mitosis

The role of the nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complexes in chromatin organisation and gene expression

Nuclear envelope, transport and lamina in complex biological processes and diseaseNT19_files/aws-s3.svg

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Closing dates:

For full payment 31st May 2019

For abstracts 10th August 2019

If you are likely to have a genuine issue with these dates, please contact us as soon as possible.