Scientific and organising committee

Charles N. Cole, Dartmouth Medical School, USA

Mark C. Field (local), University of Dundee, UK +44 (0)751-550-7880

Douglass Forbes, UC San Diego, USA

Ed Hurt, Biochemie-Zentrum Heidelberg, Germany

Michael Rout, Rockefeller University, USA

Eric Schirmer (local), University of Edinburgh, UK +44 (0)131-650-7075

Eda Yildirim, Duke University, USA

The 2019 meeting is an ad hoc, with little direct institutional support. Please bear with us as we navigate this, and seek to keep costs to a minimum, but science and fun to a maximum. We can be flexible and help with advice and assistance if you wish to attend the festivals for example ahead of the conference, or are interested in any other visit to Scotland.