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Prof Mark C. Field                                                 

Dr Erin Butterfield                Lamina, software    

Dr Liu Coulshan                    Oxaboroles

Mr Ricardo Canavante               Ubiquitylation  

Dr Alex Makarov                    Interactomes                 

Dr Kayo Ono                        Ubiquitylation              

Dr Norma E Padilla                 Interactomes     

Dr Ning Zhang                      Interactomes            

    If you want an antibody, DNA construct or cell line from us, we try hard to fulfill all requests and are committed to free exchange of data and materials whenever possible. Local rules and shipment restrictions are variable, and for shipment to the United States, recent changes in import regulations mean that we have to ask that you check requirements for import carefully. Items requiring dry ice shipment will need a FedEx (or equivalent) account number prior to dispatch. DNA is typically shipped on filter papers, and you should elute the construct with 50ul of sterile TE and transform E. coli using 1ul to recover the plasmid. While TrypanoFAN plasmids are fully open source, you may still be required to pay for shipping if you require items to be sent by courier - regular mail is free. We encourage that all materials are verified by the recipient as we cannot be held responsible for errors. In rare circumstances we may ask you to complete a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). We restrict this requirement to reagents/circumstances where there are genuine commercial or academic grounds precluding unrestricted release, and ask that you bear with us in these cases.

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