Parasitology BS42012


First off, welcome!

The following files are available for the Parasitology Year Four course in 2017. Please note that details may change during the course, so be sure you have the up-to-date information. These files are for private research and study only, and must NOT be redistributed, as they may contain confidential or copyright material.

Welcome 2017.pdf

Dundee Level 4.1.pdf

Dundee Level 4.2.pdf

Dundee Level 4.3.pdf

Reading list 2016.pdf


Past paper

Nitro drugs and the trypanosomatids - SW lecture 2.pptx

Drug Resistance Mechanisms (deKoning).pdf

Drug Discovery for Parasitic Diseases 2017_MDR

Diagnostics for 4th year teaching_20171.pptx

Genomes and Gene Expression in Parasitic Protozoa 2017

Differentiation and signaling (Matthews).pdf

Drug resistance Horn.pdf

Horn refs

Plasmodium Antigenic Variation.pdf

Introduction to malaria and chemotherapy

Paper assignments.png

MdR refs