Established in 1994, the laboratory is over 25 years old, and 2020 marks our fourth decade of research. Originally in London (Imperial College 1994 - 2004 and University of Cambridge 2005 - 2013), we have been at the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee since 2014. Our website provides information on research, publications and contacts.Welcome_files/Logo.svg
Recent publications
Monoallelic activator sequestration by a histone chaperone for heritable allelic exclusion. Faria, J., Glover, L., Hutchinson, S., Boehm, C., Field, M.C., and Horn, D., (2019) Nature Communications 10 3023
The kinetochore and the origin of eukaryotic chromosome segregation. Field, M.C., (2019) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 116 12596
Pore timing: the evolutionary origins of the nucleus and nuclear pore complex. Field, M.C., and Rout, M., (2019) F1000 Research 8 369
Transcriptome, proteome and draft genome of Euglena gracilis. Ebenezer, T., Zoltner, M., Burrell, A., Nenarokova, A., Novák Vanclová, A.M.G., Prasad, B., Soukal, P., Santana-Molina, C., O’Neill, E., Nankissoor, N.N., Vadakedath, N., Daiker, V., Obado, S., Silva-Pereira, S., Jackson, A.P., Devos D., Lukeš, J., Lebert, M., Vaughan, S., Hampl, V., Carrington, M., Ginger, M.L., Dacks, J.B., Kelly, S., and Field, M.C., (2019) BMC Biology 17 11
Evolutionary origins and specialisations of membrane transport. Dacks, J.B., and Field, M.C. (2018) Current Opinions in Cell Biology 53 70 - 76
Activation and mechanisms of resistance to phenoxyborole class trypanosides. Zhang, N., Zoltner, M., Ka-Fai Leung, K-F., Scullion, P., Hutchinson, S., del Pino, R.C., Vincent, I., Zhang, Y-K., Freund, Y.R., Alley, M.R.K., Jacobs, R.T., Read, K.D., Barrett, M.P., Horn, D., and Field, M.C., (2018) PLoS Pathogens 14 e1006850
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Codependence between Trypanosoma nuclear lamina components in nuclear stability and control of gene expression. Maishman, L., Obado, S., Alsford, S., Bart, J.M., Navarro, M., Horn, D., Ratushny, Aitchison, J.D., Chait, B.T., Rout, M.P., and Field, M.C., (2016)  Nucleic Acids Research 44 10554-10570
Ancient eukaryotic origin and evolutionary plasticity of the nuclear lamina. Koreny, L., and Field, M.C., (2016) Genome Biology and Evolution 8 2663 - 2671Welcome_files/academia-logo-redesign-2015.svg

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