FIELD LABORATORY  Cell biology, Evolution, Parasites, Drugs

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Dear Students in Parasitology 2020/21

     Stating the obvious, things are a bit difficult this year, but we are doing what we can to deliver a high quality course. We have decided that the best way to do this, and to avoid issues with IT, Teams and other things is to deliver lectures remotely, with recorded commentary, as well as to offer Q and A sessions with the course instructors. A timetable for these sessions will go live in time for the course start date. This, coupled with a genuine request to contact any of us if you wish to discuss one to one or in a small group means the onus is on you to ask, but on us to engage. We are also posting all materials here, together with the normal teaching website. Past experience has indicated flaws in the University system, and the provision of material via a second route we hope will avoid any real issues.

     Looking foward and remember, interaction and communication is really important at this time...

     Mark F (course convenor).