Theranos and the fallout

Thursday, 6 January 2022 10:36 am

I am sure many folks are aware of the Theranos debacle, and the recent conviction of Elizabeth Holmes on multiple counts of fraud. But, Nature outdoes itself here with wokeness and moral high ground seizure in this article ( How someone who dropped out of Stanford at 19, with no degree, or more importantly a likely lack of even a basic understanding of science, evidence and bioethics, not to mension microfluidics physics could enlist investors is NOT simply a failure of the scientific peer review process, but a spectacular example of gullibility, absence of due diligence by investors and simple greed. Fallout here should be on the people who allowed such investment, or failed to regulate and even for the FDA to have failed to act. The damage here is immense to public opinion, patient safety and many other reasons; the fault lies in the US investment systems and a reliance on greed to fuel admittedly expensive and risky innovation.