Blue Swan Research Group has produced original digital photography for over twenty-five years, and selected images are displayed in the gallery. We are particularly interested in structure and texture (morphology), and how these are frequently convergent between man-made artifacts and the natural world. Images have been collected from around the globe; Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Most of the work can be made available for purchase at essentially cost price. We also produce books, calendars and postcards and curate a vast library of electronic images. Exhibitions ‘Texture, structure and morality’ and ‘Guitars, ice’ were part of Cambridge Open Studios in 2012 and 2013 and ‘Red dust: India dreaming’ premiered online in 2012. Blue Swan is currently working on ‘An Idea of North’, a new exhibition for 2023 inspired by landscapes in Europe and America.


Aquisition: Nikon D3500, iPhone 14. Processing: Adobe Creative Suite.

From top: Terminus, Stolen from Wales, Entombed.