Microbial eukaryotes represent a major component of the biosphere, contributing to ecology, food security, and the environment, whereas diseases caused by parasitic protozoa constitute an ongoing global threat. Our work highlights several key aspects of protist biology, principally focusing on parasitic organisms of the trypanosomatid group, but also extending into environmental organisms such as the algae Euglena and Diplonema. We are currently pushing for innovation in mode of action of anti-protist drugs and developing novel approaches for therapy against protist disease focusing on PROTAC technology.

     Mark Field is Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Dundee in Scotland and a member of the Institute of Parasitology, Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic. He is rated as a leading scientist in molecular biology and parasitology globally, with 300 publications and an h-index of 69. He recently placed as the 62nd most influential molecular biologist in the UK and in the top 800 worldwide.

    With interests in biology, gastronomy, graphics, images and music, Fieldlab was founded in south London in the 1990s and has migrated north over many years to be currently based in central Edinburgh. Emphasis will shift towards the arts and the generation of electronic- and guitar-based ambient/post rock music over the coming year or two. The Fieldlab site carries archival and ongoing projects in biology, gastronomy, images and music.

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